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Business Phone Systems

The business phone system you choose can have a huge impact on your startup company or small business’ success. Leasing a cloud based PBX (private branch exchange) phone system will improve customer service, expand your website’s effectiveness, and bring more positive attention to your brand. VoIP phones and Voice Over Internet services will insure that you will never miss a call from potential clients or other opportunities. Kooltel Telecommunications Service Provider systems deliver all the benefits of a professional business phone system at lower operating costs. The company is flexible enough to address your initial needs, expand as needed with your enterprise, and will continue to remain affordable.

Kooltel is an established provider of business communications and will set up phone connections through your Internet system. Our secure cloud based PBX phones eliminate the need for software downloads and bulky on site hardware. All of your incoming calls will go through the office system network. Mobile integration allows your staff’s cell phones and smart pads to become extensions of the office phone. Each agent will have a separate extension and be able to access the customized features, just as if they were at their desks. Users will be able to communicate via voice or text on smart phones and other devices such as tablets, computers and desk phones – using 800 numbers that provide toll-free inbound calls. It is also possible to choose a signature ringtone. This all adds up to a superb business phone system ROI for your company.

There are no installation fees with Kooltel’s business phone system. A monthly fee is charged for the smart phone sets which are connected to a hosted remote server. The phones have over 100 features, select those that suit your individual requirements. Our equipment is attractive and technologically designed to insure reaching the next level of success. Kooltel will handle all upgrades and any maintenance issues further saving of your time, money and distractions. Add or decrease the amount of phones as needed. The goal is to provide enhanced management of your business, whether in-house or at remote locations.

Virtual phone technology is growing and challenging traditional premise-based phone systems. The standard features are available, such as call transfer, call queuing, and caller identification. Conference calls have been updated with the cloud, making meeting scheduling simpler. VoIP phones also provide voice mail with email interface, fax facilities, and auto attendant. The service can be programmed to follow you around or transfer calls directly to your cell phone. If your business location moves it doesn’t affect your service at all. There’s no need to schedule an appointment for a transfer because there is no hardware to move. Additionally, power outages are not an issue, backup power for your business phone system is always available.

Contact Kooltel directly or visit our website to initiate your business phone system plan. The site includes options to “Get Started Today” and price quotes. Raise the professional level of your product or services, reduce your expenses, and join the growing number of companies that have transitioned to the cloud. All Kooltel systems are designed with the customer in mind.