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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Hosted PBX and what advantages does it offer?
A Hosted Virtual PBX system (whether On-site or not) is delivered as a hosted service over the Internet which adds simplicity and flexibility. Such systems allow companies to access advanced features like virtual faxing, hunt groups, interactive voice mail messages, auto attendant, etc. ( see a partial list of features) without the costly investment of a conventional PBX.
Is there an alternative to our customers having to call multiple numbers (office, direct, cell, sometimes home office) to contact our salespeople?
This type of aggravation and delay can try a buyer’s patience, possibly resulting in your competition getting their next call. The Single Number-Follow-Me feature assigns a single contact number to a salesperson. When it’s called, your system directs the call to every phone number registered to that person. Upon “a” phone being answered, each of the other numbers is automatically disabled. Result: the answered call is a private one.
Are you concerned or have customers commented on their difficulty in reaching company personnel at your various local offices?
A (VPN) Virtual Private Network can be set up combines the phone systems of your offices into a single one, allowing access to advanced features and calling conveniences. Results: Productivity gains, streamlined operations, lower costs. Click here for more info on VPNs or Mobile Integration
Frustrated by the limitations of your workflows, as they relate to in-company communications?
The way things get done in your company affect your productivity, staff morale, customer communications and profitability. It’s essential that efficiencies be introduced as often as required. A Hosted Virtual PBX, with its multitude of features and adaptability, can provide the means. Workflows involve tasks, routines, internal calls, emails, and the availability of people in what could be large buildings. Since no single PBX feature can streamline a business process, discussions with a Kool Tel consultant is a good start. Together, existing tasks can be mapped out, features suggested and alternatives arrived at. Examples of how other companies have improved their workflows
In what ways can our older (6 to 12 years+) phone system limit our company?
In general, older phone systems are standalones – one to an office - whose design is fixed and cannot be adapted, or be upgraded, to work with today’s:
  • Sophisticated and Internet-connected technologies
  • Mobile workforce and outsourced employment situations
  • Smartphones, iPad technology and laptop telephony
Old systems can likely be expanded, providing a technician is available, but any investment made is in obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete technology.
Suppose our company grows, would we have to upgrade to a larger system?
No, your Hosted Virtual PBX’s embedded software can be modified at any time and an unlimited number of phone, lines, features and Internet accesses added.
What type of mobility features are built in to Kool Tel systems?
iPhone, Android and Blackberry smart phones can be made into extensions of your Hosted Virtual PBX with a 1-button call-back service. Substantial time-cost reductions in local-long distance minutes and monthly calling plans. For travelers, the laptop-based Soft Phone feature (link to relevant page) allows employees to make-receive calls without incurring local or long distance charges.
What is the lifespan of a Hosted Virtual PBX phone system?
Since the system’s technology is Internet-related with software updates being done remotely, its lifespan is unlimited.
How are features added to an On-site Hosted Virtual PBX system?
All features are embedded in the provided module and can be activated via a screen-based visual control panel. For more complex applications, such as call detail recording or interactive voice mail, a KoolTel technical person activates them remotely. For those using the Cloud-based Hosted Virtual PBX system, give KoolTel a call and the addition(s) will be made.
Can we use our old phone with our new Hosted Virtual PBX?
No, each KoolTel phone has built-in technology-features with networking abilities while your existing phone sets are single purpose devices.
How many days pass between signing the paper work and our install date?
A week to 10 days.
What is required to begin the system transition?
  • Have your Bell Equipment Record available as it contains a master list of your company’s phone numbers
  • A bank account number or major credit card
  • Working DSL or Cable high-speed Internet connection
How much physical space is required for Hosted Virtual PBX’s?
For the Cloud-based systems using only phones connected to our remote server, the new sets merely replace your existing ones. For On-site Hosted Virtual PBX’s, the same situation as above applies plus a secure spot is required for the15” x 8” x 3” main processor.
Will our employees be able to continue working during the installation?
Yes, they will be able to conduct their affairs as per normal; however, the person whose phone is being programmed must wait the 30 minutes it takes to do so.
What type of training is provided?
Generally, it takes our technician 2 visits to implement a system:
  1. Overview of the system’s principles and applicable features with a demonstration. A guide is handed out and how-to stickers applied to all phone sets
  2. A step-by-step teaching session reviews features, setting up the ones chosen with lessons on how to use the screen-based control panel.
For example,  adding a new person to the your phone system involves:
  1. Access Administrative interface - Control Panel - Enter Password
  2. Type in new extension
  3. Their name
  4. Password
Can we speak to other customers to see how their features have helped them?
Yes, we’d be happy to pass on some names of folks you may speak with.
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