PBX Features

All features can be customized to your business needs - present and emerging

features-img2Hosted Virtual PBX Features (Partial Listing)

  • Single Number Access & Follow-Me

Gives callers a single number to reach you regardless of whether they call you at the office, cell, home office, cottage, etc.

  • Voicemail to Email Messaging

Never miss an important call, deadline or commitment due to missing information. Incoming voicemails are transformed into audible .Wav files and deposited in your email box for later listening.

  • 1-Button Automatic Call Back

Call someone right back with the touch of a pre-designated button saving you the bother of entering their phone or speed dial number.

  • Service Flags

Pre-recorded, time-of-day voicemail messages protect your lunch hour, paperwork time, or meetings from interruptions.

  • Automated-Virtual FAX

Send-receive faxes from your computer and store as a PDF or email: No toner, paper, or a fax machine required.

  • Hunt Group

Several phones sets linked together in a group (Customer Service, for example) are assigned a lead phone number or toll free 800 number so that only those for whom the call was intended need to answer it. Read about how it can be used (link to Inbound Order Desk)

  • Time-of-Day Voicemail Messaging

Voicemail for ‘a’ phone number can be redirected to another number at a specific time and-or day-time. No longer will important calls be overlooked or be left in voicemail boxes. Your customers, overall service and reputation benefit. Read More…

  • Call Detail Recording

Accurate call activity on ‘a’ phone, group or all phones. You can track usage, performance, peak times for proper coverage, and so on.

  • Interactive Voice Response

Pre-recorded messages direct callers on how to inquire into their account, check on their order or the progress of their service ticket via automated voice prompts.

  • Auto Attendant

In place of receptionist, incoming calls sent through a menu of choices (“For sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.). Or dial “0” to reach a live person. A built-in directory allows callers to dial by name.

features-img1Phone Features

  • Call Park

A call can be put ‘on hold’ allowing anyone in the office to dial that extension and pick it up.

  • Call Recording

Record any phone conversation or conference call from your phone.

  • Do Not Disturb

Ignore all incoming calls by keeping the ringer on “Mute.”

  • Listen-in / Call Monitoring

Listen in on others’ calls to offer tips to employees that your customer can’t hear. Suitable for employee training or Inside Sales.

  • “Number only” Call Display

Protects caller’s identity and recipient’s privacy-credibility.

  • Hotline

Direct point-to-point connection to another phone number for immediate access.

  • Individual Ring Tones

Each phone or group of them (for a department) can be assigned its own ring tone, meaning you’ll never have to pick up someone else’s call. Over 8,000 to ring tones to choose from.

  • Phonebook

300 entries, each with space enough for 3 phone numbers. To help you find the right one, there’s a search and import function. To transport a single phone number or group of them to your cell phone, an export function is also built-in.

  • Other Features

Emergency call (411), Call waiting, Call transfer, Call forward, Call Waiting, 3-Way Conference, Hold, Mute, Flash, Auto-answer, Redial, Speed dial.

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