PBX Systems

Internet-based (cloud), integrated voice and data systems that deliver superior features and functionality compared to conventional Key or PBX models

Network2Cloud-based Hosted Virtual PBX

Ideal for start-ups and-or a small business

Enjoy all the benefits of a modern phone system while minimizing your monthly costs. Systems consist of smart phone sets connected to a hosted remote server, allowing access to the hundred-plus customizable features. Flexibility and productivity is yours.


  • No purchase necessary: pay only a monthly fee per telephone
  • No installation of any hardware or software
  • No need to upgrade or maintain system
  • No limit on the number of phone sets that can be added
  • Same functionality and feature set as with an on-site system

Security Assured

  • Servers located in secure, air conditioned data facility with multiple levels of back-up
  • Even if local Internet access is interrupted, your service remains UP and working

Hosted Virtual PBX On-Site

Ideal for small to medium businesses

Enjoy the ability to make changes to your phone system such as activating features, adding, or re-assigning phone sets to employees. System consists of a solid-state module whose embedded software contains functionality and entire feature set.


  • Minimal space requirements
  • Solid state system 99.99998% reliable
  • Software updated remotely
  • No limit on the number of phone sets that can be added
  • No moving parts (in hard drive, power supply, fans) means no overheating


  • System expansion and-or moves, adds, changes to (telephone sets, features) done in-house by your admin person via software-based (computer screen) control panel
  • Training provided

System and Phone Features

Choose from over a hundred business-enhancing and customizable features that increase convenience, customer responsiveness and productivity.

For Example

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Built-In Conferencing
  • Find Me, Follow Me Call Forwarding service
  • Custom Message Alerts
  • Supervised Call Transfers
  • Auto Attendant
  • Virtual Fax Service

Modern Digital Phone. Isolated on white.Mobile Integration: Cell phones and Laptop Softphone®

Cell phones and voice-enabled smart pads become extensions of your office phone system, allowing access to its activated features and cost savings:

  • Since calls go through office phone system, cellular air time minutes & long distance costs plummet
  • Corresponding lower cost monthly cell plans combine for lower operating expenditures

Laptop-based Soft Phone® feature allows calls to be made-received on your laptop using a headset.

  • All calls are routed through your office phone network
  • Screen-based graphic of a phone allows you to click in the phone numbers


  • Improves your company’s work flows, increasing productivity
  • Delivers higher level of service
  • Heightens the effectiveness of your staff training
  • Increases concentration by minimizing distractions
  • Enhances management of your business, even from remote locations

Multiple Locations: (VPN) Virtual Private Network

Have two (2) or more offices and concerned about customer responsiveness, duplication of services, or the time it takes for your employees to connect to each other? A (VPN) Virtual Private Network solves these problems by integrating 2 or more phone systems into a single one.


  • Dramatically improving customer responsiveness and service
  • Direct in-company communications
  • Easier access to important company’s contacts

Telephone Sets

Three (3) digital models have a variety of built-in features easily modified to your employees’ needs and tastes. Large screens allow you to clearly see call status, name-number and phone activity

Notable Features

  • Phonebook – 300 entries, each with 3 phone numbers / search, import, export
  • Lists of missed, received, dialed and forwarded calls (100 entries)
  • Accepts SMS cell phone text messages
  • Distinctive ring tone selection (8000 selections)
  • Review phone set features

SIP Trunks

Provide access to the public (Bell) telephone network through your Internet connection. Number of lines-trunks determined on the basis of calling patterns and calculations.


  • Due to higher call capacity, fewer SIP trunks-lines required compared to existing Bell lines
  • Excellent call quality
  • No long term contracts

Post-Sales Support

  • Training on system-phone set features and administration
  • Calls returned same day
  • The time is taken to talk you through an issue
  • Site visits, if necessary

Typical System Configuration

  •  Hosted Virtual PBX or On-Site Virtual PBX
  • SIP trunks
  • Telephone sets
  • Toll free number – Free
  • Virtual Fax service – Built-in
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