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Many Companies have Unique Phone Numbers. Get yours now


Q: Can I keep my phone number.
A: Yes, absolutely. KoolTel is registered reseller with the CRTC. We simply port your number from your mobile or land company to Kooltel. It takes 5 business days.

Q: Will my service be interrupted during the switchover process?
A: No, we just need to plan for this and we have done it hundreds of times. We will set up your service with KoolTel prior to switching, and when your telephone number switches to KoolTel, you new phone system will start ringing.

Q: How will we know if it works ahead of time?
A: We will set up your phone system with a temporary number prior to the new service starting, to make sure everything works as expected. We can easy set up outbound calling so you can make calls as soon as it is installed!

Q: Do we have a contract?
A: We believe in earning your business so you arent required to have a contract.

Q: Do we need internet for the phone service to work?
A: KoolTel utilizes VOIP protocol to deliver the phone calls. KoolTel will ensure that your network to be engineered so it is optimized for your communication needs.

Q: What happens if our internet goes down?
A: We have many different options depending upon the customer needs. At the very least, the calls to your business will be answered by your voicemail, and the caller will be able to leave a message. The calls can also be forked to your mobile phone as a backup. Please ask your KoolTel Representative to provide you the various options that the company can provide.

Q: What services does your company provide.
A: Kool Telecom is an integrated services provider. We are telephone carrier but also an equipment VAR, so we provide telephone calling, virtual fax, conference rooms, telephone systems, internet service (dsl and fiber) and we are about to offer mobile solutions as well.

Q: Where can you provide service?
A: We can most easily provide service to companies across Canada and the United States and provide them local telephone service in most markets across North America. Now if you would like to have local telephone number for your customers in Calgary, and Dallas, we can easily provide that service for you, and have it answered any where that you choose.

Q: Can you provide customized telephone systems?
A: Our phone systems and handsets have hundreds of features to chooce from, so we often create a custom setup that best meets your needs. We are able to provide this service, from anywhere from a four person dental office to a multinational manufacturer. In fact, we do it today!