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How It Works

Cloud based PBX phone systems

Ideal for start-ups and-or a small business

Enjoy all the benefits of a modern phone system while minimizing your monthly costs. Systems consist of smart phone sets connected to a hosted remote server, allowing access to the hundred-plus customizable features. Flexibility and productivity is yours.


  • No purchase necessary: pay only a monthly fee per telephone
  • No installation of any hardware or software
  • No need to upgrade or maintain system
  • No limit on the number of phone sets that can be added
  • Same functionality and feature set as with an on-site system

Mobile Integration: Cell phones and Laptop Softphone®

Cell phones and voice-enabled smart pads become extensions of your office phone system, allowing access to its activated features and cost savings:
  • Since calls go through office phone system, cellular air time minutes & long distance costs plummet
  • Corresponding lower cost monthly cell plans combine for lower operating expenditures
Laptop-based Soft Phone® feature allows calls to be made-received on your laptop using a headset.
  • All calls are routed through your office phone network
  • Screen-based graphic of a phone allows you to click in the phone numbers


  • Improves your company’s work flows, increasing productivity
  • Delivers higher level of service
  • Heightens the effectiveness of your staff training
  • Increases concentration by minimizing distractions
  • Enhances management of your business, even from remote locations
Auto attendant, Voicemail to email, scheduled call forwarding  
Phonebook with search, import, export  
Lists of missed, received, dialed and forwarded calls (100 entries)  
Accepts SMS cell phone text messages  
Distinctive ring tone selection (8000 selections)