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VOIP Systems North York

Every business, from start up to multi-billion dollar corporations, needs to consider the best kind of phone service to meet their needs. Everything from cost, user interface and customer service from the phone company needs to be considered when making such an important decision. Phone service is not the place to skimp or make a mistake since this is often how you will reach out to customers and how they will reach out to you. Not to mention, phones are often used for important inter-departmental conversations and meetings. Businesses in North York have an easy decision to make; they should use a VOiP phone system. For an even better experience a cloud based VOiP PBX phone system would be the way to go.

What is with the acronyms?

Having letters thrown around like VOiP and PBX is enough to confuse anyone. In order to understand why they would benefit your business so much, lets first look at what they actually are. VOiP literally stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In layman's terms it is internet based phone service. PBX stands for private branch exchange. This is where a private telephone network is used within a company and the company shares multiple outside lines for external calls. Most businesses have a traditional PBX system in place.

What are the benefits of a Cloud Based PBX phone system?

There are several benefits of using a VOiP phone system versus an old fashioned phone system.

- Less expensive than a traditional on-site system.
- No start up costs- just the low monthly fee per telephone.
- Can integrate cell phones, voice enabled tablets and laptop Softphones

These reasons are excellent in and of themselves, but keep in mind that VOiP phone service is also EASY. It is easy to set up, and requires no maintenance.

What is the benefit of integrating cell phones and other devices into the system?

Imagine you are on a business trip seeking a new supplier, and your largest customer calls your personal business phone line with an emergency. With an old fashioned style system they would get your voicemail, and at some point you would get the message and return their call. During this time the issue could have escalated or they could have been stewing on it and be even more upset. With an integrated system one phone number does it all. They can call your office number and it can go through to your cell phone, or tablet or you could even use your laptop if need be. You are limitless as to how and where you want to receive and take important calls, and your customers only have to have one number on hand instead of keeping track of several. Everybody wins with this system. Here is a list of practical benefits you would receive if all your technology were integrated.

- Company will be more efficient and therefore more productive.
- More opportunities for excellent customer service. 
- Increases staff training effectiveness.
- Minimizes distractions in the workplace
- Makes it so you can manage your business easily from anywhere.
Other Features of VOiP PBX Phone Service

There are even more handy features when using VOiP phone services with the cloud based PBX system. These include:

- Having your voicemail transformed into .WAV files, then sent to your e-mail to be listened to anywhere.
- Call someone back with one touch of a button.
- You can pre-record messages for daily times such as lunch or a daily staff meeting.
- Send faxes straight from your computer, and receive faes in PDF format. Talk about a paper saver.
- Ability to record phone conversations.
- Easy menu set-up for incoming calls (i.e., "1" for accounting, "2" for marketing, etc.).
- Can put phone on hold and have anyone on the phone service be able to pick it up.
- Can place ringer on mute in order to ignore calls.
- Ability to talk over the phone with an employee without the customer hearing you- great for training purposes!

There are so many benefits to a cloud based PBX phone system that they are hard to keep track of. The system offers great pricing, flexibility the ability to include almost any kind of device you could think of ever using. It is easily expandable, so can grow right along with your business. There is no reason not to look into VOiP phone service today.